Black Widow casing spacers are a 2-piece band made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, or mild steel with bituminous, galvanized or epoxy coatings depending on specific job specifications. Each shell section shall have a flange formed with a minimum of 3/8” thick bolts for 8 in wide/12 in wide spacers.

Each band is lined with EPDM liner attached to the band. Runner surface is comprised of UHMW polymer for abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction. The runners and risers are attached at appropriate positions to properly support the carrier within the casing in order to ease installation.

All risers are MIG welded to the shell and can be reinforced if over 6in in height. The runners are attached mechanically with bolts. All welds and metal surfaces are passivated.

All casing spacers come with equal legs, unless specified. We do all fabricating in house; therefore we control and provide quality craftsmanship. We can correct bore grades by adjusting each pipe support to the correct height to correct bore grade. We can design a pipe support to carry multiple carrier pipes through one encasement pipe.

Download Black Widow General Spec (4 Legs)Download Black Widow General Spec (5 Legs)Download Black Widow General Spec (6 Legs)