Spider Pipe Supports come in several designs for supporting underground pipes within the steel casing of a horizontal bore and all types of carrier and casing pipe. Featuring the same quality patented design Spider Pipe Supports are available in bituminous coated, epoxy coated, 304 and 316 stainless steel and galvanized. EPDM, Neoprene and Red silicone rubber liner, UHMW polymer, Tivar and Teflon  skids and stainless steel shoes are available to all pipe supports.

For carrier pipe sizes 4 inch to 16 inch come in a standard one piece unless specified otherwise. For carrier pipe sizes under 3 inches and above 18 inches come in a two piece design.

Each skid is welded to a support leg and extends beyond the band. The skid is angled inward toward the collar for an effective installation. The hardware extends between the flanges to secure the band around the carrier pipe.

All Spider Pipe Supports come centered with equal legs. Our Spider Pipe Supports can be field modified for any last minute changes.

We do all fabricating in house; therefore we control and provide quality craftsmanship. Custom Spider pipe supports can be made in any size of metal of any type above. We also can correct bore grades by adjusting each pipe support to the correct height to correct bore grade. We can design a pipe support to carry multiple carrier pipes through one encasement pipe.

Download General One Piece SpecDownload General Two Piece Spec