Spider’s Pipe End Seals are designed to quickly and effectively seal the ends of a pipe. Acting as a boot in a manhole, our Pipe End Seals provide a reliable, affordable, time saving alternative in comparison to a brick and mortar method.

We offer three different types for all types of installation needs.

End Seal

Model ES- and ESW-

Constructed of flexible Neoprene Rubber to seal any carrier and casing combination with Stainless steel clamps. These can be used in any carrier and casing combinations.

Our seals can accommodate the carrier pipe to the casing pipe even when carrier pipe out of center. Such as a change in the grade or alignment. The N Seal is long enough for the adjustment of the pipe. Product code ES for pre-installation of carrier and ESW- for previously installed.

Download End Seal Spec – Small Standard
Download End Seal Spec – Standard

Seal Ring Clamp

Model SRC-

Seal Ring is a more rigid pipe seal using a combination of steel and neoprene. Available in many types of materials to suit the project needs. Easily installed by welding tabs of seal ring to ID of casing pipe.

Download Standard Seal Ring Clamp

Seal Ring

Model SR-

Seal Ring clamp is similar to the seal ring model however this attaches to the carrier pipe and best used when access to the end of casing is limited and/or a non metallic encasement in use.

Download Standard Seal Ring with Tabs