Spider’s Superior Pipe Stands can be configured to meet your site’s specific needs and budget. Whether you need stands fabricated from carbon steel with Primer, Bituminous coating, Epoxy or Hot Dip Galvanized coating.

We also make Pipe Stands out of 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. We stock anchor bolts, and center pipe that can be cut to the desired length, and shipped with your order. All of our models are made to accept standard. IPS pipe sizes with no threading needed.

installation instructions

To better assist you to achieve the optimal performance of our Pipe Stand, we recommend the following procedures be taken during the installation process:

  • Determine the optimal height of stand, and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Upon achieving the required height tack weld the upper cup and lower cup to the center pipe using either a Mig welder (SGMAW) process or a (SMAW) Low hydrogen rod such as a E7018. At this point recheck pipe fitment and alignment before moving forward. If needed you can adjust the Pipe Stand up or down by rotating the entire lower portion of the stand with the collar nut.
  • Upon verifying proper fitment and alignment. The base plate can now be anchored to the floor or wall.
  • Never use permanent anchoring techniques that would prevent future adjustments.


Model SPSS

General Saddle Pipe Support Detail


Model SPSS(UB)

General Saddle Pipe Support with U-Bolt Detail

Clamp Style

Model SPSS(CL)

General Saddle Pipe Support Detail


Model FPSS

General Flange Pipe Support Detail

Saddle Flange

Model FPSS(SA)

General Saddle Flange Pipe Support Detail